5 Best Free Dating Apps

You're ready to start online dating before you realize, do you have to pay? Check out the top dating apps where you can build serious relationships at a $0 cost.

What Makes a Dating App the Best?

When deciding on the dating app you want to create a profile on, it's important to pick only the best for you. While some apps are ideal for serious relationships, others are perfect for hookups and casual dating.

Of course, deciding whether or not you want to pay is the first thing to consider. Free dating apps that offer excellent service usually stand out as the best. Don't assume that the site offers paid service equals high quality. You should also consider how easy it is to use the app and its compatibility with all devices.

logo benaughty


This site is great for singles looking for hookups and casual partners. BeNaughty lets you send winks to users, you have an unlimited amount of messages, etc.

The site also has an app that is available to both Android and iOS users. Overall, a very good site with a 5-star rating.

logo cupid


Get ready for a magical touch with Cupid.com, the best place to meet local singles online. It offers dating services around the world, even in Australia.

logo bumble


Bumble.com is more than just a dating app! You can make the first move with confidence and expand your social or business circle.

What's more, you can do this on any device by downloading the app. It's a great app to meet people in your area.

logo happn


If you ever had an unforgettable encounter, you can find that person with Happn.com. The app is downloadable on Android and iOS.

It's ideal for anyone who crossed paths with someone but never got their number. You have the chance to connect!

logo coffeemeetsbagel


This dating app promises meaningful experiences, and you can get than on your mobile device. It's based in San Francisco and is ideal for anyone looking to connect with singles in this area.

It's well-known for its reliability and is popular in this state.

A Guide to Building Serious Relationships on Free Dating Apps

When it comes to online dating, many people feel overwhelmed by the many profiles that the app might offer and are stuck with what they can say to start a conversation and who they should talk to first. Luckily, choosing the right app means you are only met with singles close to you, so that's one filter you don't have to worry about.

Many people have found love and built serious relationships starting with meeting their soulmate on dating apps. If you're unsure about putting yourself out there in person, these apps are your haven. They give you the chance to meet your soulmate without much pressure.

You can start by simply choosing the dating app you want to join. Since you don't have to worry about paying, your profile is the next thing to take note of. Then, you can be on the lookout for your soulmate.

Create the Perfect (Free!) Profile

Your dating profile will go a long way in attracting your soulmate, so you should pay attention to it. Find ways to stand out and be original, but be honest and specific.

You should also use lifestyle and action shots but don't give a lot away yet! You can look at other profiles on the app for tips too.

Meet the Right Person for You

A person's profile will say a lot about them, and so you should go for those that meet your standards rather than just anyone. If you do this, you'll hit it off with them immediately.

While you use a dating app, define your expectations. From the many profiles, there's no way you won't find one for you.

How to Send the Best First Message

Once you've created your profile and you spend time looking through the different profiles available to you, you're just beginning. The next thing to do is send the first message to whoever you want to talk to. The first message you send is your first impression and will determine whether you get a reply or you're ignored.

Your first message should be an introduction that will show your interest in their profile. You can also fix one or two questions about what you two have in common, ask an open question and end it with your name. It shouldn't be more than a couple of lines long, should be casual and respectful, and shouldn't sound desperate.

You can also use some funny pick-up lines if their profile shows that they like humor or witty lines that no one will be able to resist. Remember to be yourself even while you do this.

Strike Up Conversations for Free

With free dating apps like the ones mentioned above, you don't have to pay before you talk to anyone. This means you're free to express your interest in as many profiles as you want.

Depending on the site you join, you can either send them a 'wink' or send a direct message.

You Can Lead the Conversation

These free dating apps give you the chance to make the first move. If you've always wanted to do that, now's your chance!

Once you see a profile that piques your interest, you can send a message without worrying about what others will think. Apps like Bumble specify that women make the first moves.

Set Up the Perfect First Dates

You won't be stuck with online conversations forever. From online chats and friendship, then comes the chance for the first date. This is when you finally meet the person that you've been talking to online, in person, and you have the chance to make another impression.

The impression you make with your first date will either make or break your budding relationship. For one, you should pick a place you both like and put a lot of effort into your dressing. You should also be punctual and free with your compliments.

To boost your confidence, you can get conversation starters ready too! Greet them properly when you both meet and talk about your similar interests. You should also get to know their preferences and don't forget them – they come in handy during the second date!

Since you've been getting to know them online, it won't be too difficult to hit it off once you meet face to face.

First Dates are Practice Dates

Your first date can as well be practice for you! Once the date is over, you know what to do and what not to do during the second date with that person or the first date with another. You can always ask your date if you did anything wrong during the time they spent with you, so you avoid doing it next time.

When you remember their likes and dislikes and remember yours, it becomes easier to click and have a better time during the dates. And if the first date doesn't work out, no worries! You can always find someone right for you and use the lessons from your mistakes.

What Next?

After talking online and a successful first date, what happens next? Well, second and third dates can happen, and all this leads up to a serious relationship. Of course, this depends on what your partner wants. While some are looking out for hookups and casual dating, others are ready to go steady. You shouldn't guess that you're in a serious relationship with them unless you both say it.

You can always let it be known on your profile that you want a serious relationship so that that's what you get in your aftermath. Once you're in a relationship, you can enjoy all the perks that come with it.

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