Anime Dating Sites

If you are excited to meet other anime and otaku fans in your area, there are plenty of reliable dating sites you can use. The best anime dating sites are just a click away, so hurry up to check them out.

How to Choose the Best Anime Dating Website

Since most anime fans are focused on their obsession, they might not be well-informed about online dating sites. To choose the best anime dating site, you have to look for platforms that cater to people with the same interests. You should also check how many active members the website has and in what age range they are. We have prepared reviews of the most popular anime dating sites that you can read for your convenience. Finally, you should get more familiar with the features offered and see whether they meet your preferences. Some anime dating sites have extended searches. Others are famous for their matchmaking features.

logo tenderfling

Tenderfling is a renowned dating platform that welcomes anime lovers with straight and gay sexual orientation. Thanks to its regional search, you can easily find people interested in anime dating near you. There isn't a mobile app yet, but the mobile version works on any device. Our team of professionals rates the site with 4.80 stars.

logo askme4date

AskMe4Date is among the most popular dating sites used by thousands of people from around the world. It allows you to create a profile video and attract more anime lovers. The site doesn't offer a mobile app but has a fully responsive design. The mobile version can work perfectly on your smartphone, so we give it a 4.75-star rating.

logo tendermeets


Tendermeets is like a social network suitable for people who are new to online anime dating. If you are a free member, you can message up to 5 different people per day or upgrade to premium to get unlimited chat. You can't download a mobile app, but the site is mobile-browsing adaptive. We think this website deserves a rating of 4.85 stars.

logo maiotaku

MaiOtaku is considered the world's number one anime dating community. Here you can list your favorite anime and upload tons of pictures. There is also a forum you can participate in. Although a mobile app is not available, the site can be used on any device. Our overall rating of this reputed dating site is 4.90 stars.

logo kippo

Kippo is a leading dating app, especially for gamers and anime fans. It gives you the chance to create a detailed profile and express your interests. The premium version is affordable as well. You can download the app for free from your App Store or Google Play. According to our team, should get a final rating of 4.80 stars.

Online Dating Sites Guide for Singles Who Love Anime

Online dating is kind of a challenging experience. Even if you are not ready for it, we will help you with this step-by-step guide. Navigating an anime dating site is not complicated at all. Registration on most dating sites is easy and free, and the tools are simple to use. First, you have to decide with what device you will be using the site. Some anime dating sites will offer you separate mobile apps that you can download on your iPhone or Android device. You have to fill in a few fields with your age, location, and email in all cases. There are dating sites that require email verification, and you need to open a link you receive on your email address to confirm it. Other sites give you the option to log in with your Facebook account, which is even more convenient. Once you are ready with all registration details, you should pay attention to your profile. Let's see what you can do to improve it:

Make Your Profile Stunning

Creating a good-looking profile is vital if you want to succeed in online dating. You should upload only recent and high-quality photos. On some dating sites, you can also add a video and say something interesting. If you are embarrassed to talk, you can just write an original status message.

Be Creative

Creativity is always a big plus when it comes to anime dating. People who are interested in something like this are very observant. So, try to present your passion and favorite characters in the most creative way possible. This will guarantee you fast results and lots of new buddies.

Principles of a Great First Message Online

It's always hard to break the ice when you are meeting someone. And it's valid for online dating too as you know little about the person – only a few photos and a short description. Many variants start a conversation that ranges from a simple hello to a more interesting question, a flirty, or funny message. You only have to think of what is the best way to stand out. For example, if it's the beginning of the week, you can say something like: "Hey, how was your weekend?". Or, if you want to be more direct and express your sympathy, you may go for "I saw your profile and had to say hi by all means!". We can give you lots of examples, but you'd better look at the person's profile carefully and figure out what might intrigue them. Of course, you can always start with your common passion, anime characters, and avoid small talk.

Use Chat Rooms Features

If you have difficulty with how to start a conversation, the chat rooms' cool features can also help you a lot. There are funny emoticons that can brighten up the situation and bring you positive emotions. Besides, you can share pictures and videos of your favorite anime characters.

Make the First Move

When it comes to both offline and online dating, you have to be more decisive. Don't wait for someone to make the first move when you can do it yourself. If you really like the person, take the lead and show them your serious intentions.

Easy Tips for Your First Date

No matter how much fun you are having in the online chat, you have to eventually take your relationship to the next level and organize a real date. First dates always bring nervousness, but there is no good reason to worry. After all, you liked this person and enjoyed communicating with him or her in the chat. It will be the same when you meet live. Besides, you won't be the only one feeling the swarming butterflies' effect in your stomach. Your date will be nervous too, so this would be the perfect time to use your sense of humor. Saying something funny always breaks the ice more easily. Many people pay much attention to what they are going to wear on the first date. But it's not actually that important, and you don't have to dress too formally. Unless, of course, you have agreed to wear something related to the anime characters.

Treat First Dates as Practice

If you want to be successful in anime dating, you should not stress unnecessarily over first dates. The majority of people start suffering from anxiety and overcomplicating things. In case you feel the same way, you have to think things over wisely and realize this is not good for you. Once you start accepting first dates as common practice, you will feel much better. This is life. If a date doesn't go well, you should not despair, but keep trying again. Only the most persistent people manage to find exactly what they are looking for and enjoy it.

Anime Dating Sites – Overall Impressions

Anime dating sites have several benefits. They can help you meet other people interested in anime, also known as Otakus, and improve your social life. Furthermore, if you are an introvert, you can finally get out of your comfort zone thanks to anime dating and increase your self-confidence. Dating sites are not only used to acquire new love. They allow you to make new friends and have a lot of fun while using their amusing features. If you don't want to miss all this, register at the best anime dating sites and let the fun begin!

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