Read the complete Tinder review before you start

Tinder is a top-rated app in the online world. What can you expect from your experience? In this review, we share all you need to know about the app and its functionalities.

Top Tinder facts exposed

No one knows how the Tinder algorithm exactly works.

Tinder has lots of ways to trick you into spending money.

The dating app helps set up one million dates weekly.

There are 57 million users, and the number is growing.

In 2020, Tinder made a whopping $1.4 billion.

Who uses Tinder

Tinder is a top-rated dating app with many members worldwide. It became famous for the swiping feature, making it easy for you to find attractive matches. With 28,000,000 members from the US, you won't be surprised to find out that they are very active on the dating app. Most members belong in the 25-34 age group, although we can notice that other age groups are also present. With 63% male members, this is another male-dominant app that gathers singles interested in finding a partner. Although Tinder stands for hookups, finding love is still possible.

sign up process on tinder
Registration and Profile Creation

Tinder has a simple registration process that takes only a couple of minutes. You can choose whether you prefer to sign up with your Facebook number or email. It is app-based, but this doesn't have to mean that you can't use the desktop version. The dating app is available for Android and iOS users, and further in this review, we share detailed information about the interface.

You are required to enter basic information. However, Tinder gets you into the dating scene immediately. There are no detailed personality questionnaires or other specific parameters that you have to enter.

tinder profile

How does Tinder work?

Once your registration is completed, you can get to swiping right away. You can use the app for free. However, there is an option to upgrade if you wish to access advanced options. Our advice is to get started with the free version and take things from there. Messaging is included in the free version, so you don't have to worry about reaching out. However, keep in mind that you need to have a match to send a message to a user. This app doesn't offer you the chance to look into the user list and apply search filters.


As we already mentioned in this Tinder review, the app doesn't rely on any mutual interests. Members-only enter basic info, so this doesn't give you much information about them. Tinder is all about the first impression you get about a person based on their photo. However, many claim that the popular dating app has a sneaky algorithm, which evaluates your likes and dislikes. This calculates your desirability score, which impacts your visibility. This is the reason why Tinder is pretty popular for hookups, as all that matters is the physical appearance.

Tinder App Review

Tinder is famous for the swiping feature, where you swipe right on members that you like. This feature makes dating more like a game and makes you feel like you have complete control. The images move with your finger as you swipe them, The layout is clean and straightforward, but you need to get familiar with the icons first to avoid making mistakes. The Tinder app is a good choice if you travel, as you can change your location within a few taps.

searching on tinder

Tinder Features

The most well-known Tinder feature is swiping users to the left or right(a lot of users just skip that part if they want to check out the next person) to decide whether you like them or not. If they also decide to swipe you in the right direction, you get a match and can start a conversation with that person. You can also leave them a limited number of likes.

Free services

Tinder offers free download, adding a profile photo, free messages, left wiping, matches based on location, and one super like per day. If you wish to enhance your Tinder experience, we explain the premium features in this review.

Paid services

Tinder offers premium service to speed up matchmaking and get straight to dating. Some premium services provided are rewinding, top picks, unlimited swiping, instant matches, and seeing who swiped right.

Pricing Plans

There are different pricing plans for people of different age groups. Not only that, some features might be present in one plan and absent in the other.

Tinder Gold (Under 28)
$14.99 for one month
$8.83 per month for six months, or a total of $52.99
$6.92 per month, or a total of $82.99
Tinder Gold (Over 28)
$29.99 for one month
$18.83 per month for six months, or a total of $112.99
$12.50 per month, or a total of $149.99
Tinder Plus (Under 28)
$9.99 for one month
$5.83 per month for six months, or a total of $34.99
$4.58 per month, or a total of $54.99
Tinder Plus (Over 28)
$9.99 for one month
$5.83 per month for six months, or a total of $34.99
$4.58 per month, or a total of $54.99

The free features allow a smooth online dating experience.

Tinder has so many members worldwide, so finding the right match is easy.

Review your matches quickly and swipe left or right.


Tinder has more men, so competition is high.

Tinder gives little information about each user.

The dating app is more oriented towards hookups.

Real-life experiences of members
1 story

After so many left swipes, I finally found the unicorn. This dating app has many members seeking something casual, so you need to spend lots of time finding relationships.

2 story

After reading a review, I got the Tinder dating app. I upgraded to premium and changed my location every time I went on vacation to find singles.

3 story

After trying on sugar daddy websites, I got lucky on this dating app. I found the right person that spoils me with love and gifts.

Experts Conclusion

Dating on Tinder is very straightforward and simple. The free version offers all you need to meet singles, such as enough swipes and chat.

Does Tinder limit specific photos?

Like other dating apps, they don’t allow photos of unaccompanied minors and group photos.

Is there a guarantee program?

The app doesn’t have a satisfaction guarantee program.

Why should I switch to premium?

The premium membership allows you to have unlimited right swipes, rewinding, and see the list of people that swiped right on you.

What users have to say about the app
James Moody

“I’ve been using it for like 5 years now. I don’t always like the monetization stuff that has been happening to Tinder for the past few years, but overall I’m satisfied – I’ve found A LOT of girls my age.”

Liza Ross

“It is my only way of meeting new people lately with all that COVID stuff. I don’t have to meet them IRL, of course. Anyways, it is great to have so many options.”

Jessica West

“Limited messages with the basic Tinder is pretty lame, but I LOVE being able to find partners from the comfort of my home whenever I want”