Best Funny Dating Apps

The best funny apps offer similar-minded experiences based on client preferences. These preferences could be sexual like BDSM or bondage or based on specific tastes like comic books or cougar dating.

Handy Tips on How to Choose the Best Funny Dating App

Niche apps bring similar-minded folks together in ways they consider normal, while others might find them weird. For instance, you might prefer meeting and engaging clowns or comic book readers on certain apps because you share similar interests. Calling them funny apps might not sit well with users forming these specific bonds, but that’s what we choose to call them. Picking the best ones is the easiest thing you will do today. Simply select those offering people with your tastes a chance to meet on apps and plan fun encounters. Select web pages with end-to-end encryption to avoid leakage of your mischief.

logo BeNaughty



  • Active age: 25 to 35
  • Mostly active female base seeking casual flings with men, including funny fetishes and kinks.


  • Flirtcast – engage using funny texts to multiple users
  • Gallery – swipe personals for optimal matchmaking

App: No app.

Rating: 5/5 stars

logo FarmersOnly


  • Active age: 30+, with a 65% male user base
  • Apps boasting members seeking country folks for like-minded fun. This includes country-style meals, entertainment et al.


  • FarmPhone – select apps letting you capitalize on features via texting
  • FarmersOnlyStore – buy country-oriented tees on this funny app

App: Unavailable


3nder (Tinder)


  • Active age: over 30
  • One of few funny apps for members seeking threesomes recently changed its name to Feeld- for couples..


  • Future Connects: learn when something seeks funny connections
  • Hide from others: go incognito for added anonymity

App: Offered for Android and iOS

logo Bumble



  • Active age: mid-20s to mid-30s
  • Most members seek funny encounters and kinky meets.


  • BumbleBizz – find not so funny, but serious business connects
  • SuperSwipe – similar to Like Galleries, lets you find like-minded funny people on Bumble

App: for Android and iOS

logo Happn



  • Active age: 60% male users, mostly seeking fun flings from the 25 to 34-year range.


  • Location-based matchmaking
  • Voice messages – no video chatting, only voice notes

App: Available for Android and iOS

Online Dating for Funny People: A Step by Step Guide on Matchmaking

Capitalize on funny apps to find similar-minded folks near you without being ridiculed. You might be interested in something particularly niche, which others find a tad weird. If queer dating is what you seek, with a touch of fetish and kink, use funny apps to meet people with similar interests in large numbers. You can create groups and forums for other members to join and engage on a similar level.

These funny apps allow you to use specific ice-breakers and build rapport. Some queer funny apps boast Gaymoji for fun gay flirting, while others let you send multiple smileys to several people without breaking a sweat. Use these funny apps with a keen eye on fully representing yourself with video uploads to profiles. If you seek clowns, upload a video of yourself looking sexy (or not) in a clown outfit. Whatever your tastes, finding like-minded funny folks on these apps is easy with basic matchmaking tools.

Register Freely and Make a Profile

Use profile uploads, as mentioned earlier, to bring like-minded funny dating to your inbox. These apps let you add flavor with visuals for quicker matchmaking. Additionally, you can add preferences and details on About Me sections on profiles for seamless connections to funny folks. Utilize swiping features like SuperSwipe for faster matchmaking nearby.

Highlight Preferences to Meet Your Own Standards

After joining the right funny apps, creating preference lists is important for precise matchmaking. You can add details related to age, the gender you seek, sexual tastes, and of course, body mods that you desire in others. Additionally, and true to the nature of funny apps, add funny dating specifics like hobbies.

Principles of a Great First Message Online - What to Avoid

Utilize safe, preset messages offering you a chance to break the ice. These are available as emojis, smileys, or Gaymoji for gay dating. Also, refrain from engaging in lewd conversations with total strangers. Instead, focus on sharing similar interests according to your niche, funny dating needs.

The first great message should always compliment while making attempts to create rapport. If you’ve tried offline matchmaking, you are aware of the challenges. When meeting on funny apps for the first time, avoid creepy messages that deter members from engaging you.

Great first messages might include visuals to showcase physical assets and what you deem useful for funny meets. For instance, if you seek fetish dating, add a video with you in funny outfits. Incidentally, funny meets could center on fetish foods, so add chocolate, fudge, or whatever strikes fancy.

Maximize a Funny Chat with People

Make use of free-to-use communication features for faster matchmaking and to build funny-relationship rapport. These features like Flirtcast, winks and video sharing make cool matchmaking options, along with encrypted web pages. Finding like-minded folks is easy, but engaging correctly is more important.

Make the First Move and Control Relationships

Use handy free messaging options to make the first move and break the ice. You can send winks and fun emojis to show interest, then sit back and wait for responses. Making the first move shows boldness and exhibits seriousness in your need for funny dating opportunities.

Use Virtual Gifts and Safe Modes Before the First Date

Some sites offer virtual gifts online, along with sex stories and sex shops. You can send virtual gifts for that first (online) date and facilitate the ones to come after. Make use of these fun features for exciting and funny hookups while keeping an eye on safety measures. These funny meetup apps offer safety features for safer matchmaking.

You can engage vetted ads first and then communicate on safe mode, allowing you to sift through verified and red-flagged members. After deciding who to meet for that first date, make necessary plans for a secured first date. Always meet in familiar zones and close to home locales.

These are proven methods of ensuring if anything pops off, and you have an easy escape route. When things go awry, you can easily find your way home. Additionally, it is important to have friends tag along for safety. They can help with physical altercations, but more so, they will deter anything sinister from the onset.

Treat First Dates as Practice – Not Too Serious

Don’t take things personally or take matters too seriously on that first date. Things could go either way, especially when seeking funny dating opportunities. Although these safe apps offer screened personals, you might still meet shady characters. Take these lessons with a pinch of salt, and pave the way for better times in the future.

Practice what to wear, say, and how to behave on future dates. Your funny context might require niche communication. It is thus important to learn these ropes and engage better in the future. Whatever happens, return to these funny apps hookup apps with renewed vigor while seeking out new members.

The Aftermath – to Date or Not to Date Again?

After your first date, things might have gone south. Make room for improvement by joining online funny apps with forums and blogs. These teach you the ropes in terms of your particular niche. Find feedback regarding what might have gone wrong with your date, then make room for better relationships in the future.

Also, you might want to leave feedback for other members regarding the ‘personal’ you engaged – good or bad. It is important to create better matchmaking opportunities for those to come and yourself. Also, returning to the site allows you to make better relationship decisions for the future, including an updated profile.

Best Dating Apps for Android
Best Dating Apps for Android

Some apps work perfectly on Android for easy matchmaking. These include BeNaughty, letting you update profiles on the go.

Best Dating Apps for iPhone
Best Dating Apps for iPhone

A better option for iPhone dating apps is Happn, which allows you to set up meets easily via messaging with video options.

Dating Sites for Introverts
Dating Sites for Introverts

The best and most fun apps offer fun emoji to engage in chat rooms, such as winks or Gaymoji for queer bondage chats.

Best Chat Sites
Best Chat Sites

Visit and register on apps like WeAreHer to engage femmes using fun messaging features and other chat functions.

Best Free Dating Apps
Best Free Dating Apps

Join free to register and message apps like Bumble today and use free messaging and browsing options.

Anime Dating Sites
Anime Dating Sites

A particular niche app, anime hookups, is possible on the Kippo app, boasting cool features for exciting matchmaking.