Best Dating Apps for iPhone

The best dating apps serve people with different orientations and needs. There are special apps for iPhone devices that will match you with like-minded people in no time. Their awesome features will make your experience even better.

How to Choose the Best Dating App for iPhone

Before you start using iPhone dating apps, you have to get more familiar with their characteristics. There are certain things you need to pay attention to. One of the most important criteria when choosing dating apps is their availability. Some dating apps are not available in various countries, and others are not suitable for any operating system. Also, you have to check the functionalities of the apps offered for free and the pricing of the paid membership. Some dating apps for iPhone offer exclusive discounts from time to time, so be careful not to miss any.

logo flirt


Undoubtedly, is among the most eminent online dating platforms, with more than a million members worldwide. It allows you to message up to 5 people per day for free, use a roulette-type matching feature, add contacts to your Favorites list. The site is available for iPhone and Android users as it has a fully optimized mobile version for all kinds of devices. We think a rating of 4.85 stars would be fair for this dating app.

logo cupid

Cupid is a dating app for iPhone users with a sterling reputation across the globe. People in the USA, UK, and other exotic and European countries use it to chat with compatible individuals. Currently, the app is available only for IOS users. That is why we rate it 4.75 stars.

logo okcupid

Okcupid is the first dating app for iPhone that introduced different gender and orientation options. Thanks to this application, people can connect with a one-of-a-kind matching algorithm. It’s also one of the best dating apps for Android and can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store. Our professional team thinks it should receive 4.90 stars.

logo eharmony

Eharmony is a well-respected dating app for iPhone aimed at people looking for serious relationships. It has thousands of members worldwide and uses a special compatibility matching system. This app is available on both iPhone and Android devices, and we give it a 4.80-star rating.

logo theleague

Theleague is an elite dating app that targets successful and career-oriented people. It can sync your education and employment information automatically if you link social media accounts. You can use it on both IOS and Android devices. There is no reason not to give it a high rating of 4.90 stars.

Online Dating with iPhone Apps: A Step by Step Guide

Online dating apps are the most convenient tools to help you meet new people in the 21st century. We have prepared a detailed guide to show you how to use iPhone apps properly. Most apps don’t require confidential information, and you can decide what to share on your public profile. If you want to stay anonymous, you can only share information and photos in private chats. Some dating apps for iPhone even allow you to connect with Facebook or Google and log in more quickly.

In most cases, you don’t have to pay to download them unless you want to upgrade your membership. You no longer have to feel lonely and wonder where to meet someone. People on these dating apps are so broad-minded, and you can easily find a partner for both casual hookups and serious relationships. All you have to do is come up with some creative lines to impress other users and complete your profile.

Make Your Profile Look Good

Lots of people think it’s not necessary to fill in all fields in their profile on dating apps. On the contrary, if you want more attention, you should make your profile eye-catching and detailed. Don’t upload a picture you took a hundred years ago. Add something sexy and recent instead.

Set Your Own Standards

Another important thing to do while using iPhone dating apps is to set your own standards. Think of what kind of relationship you want and what exactly you are looking for in a person. Ensure the other person is also aware of your main goal not to be disappointed in the end.

Principles of a Great First Message on iPhone Dating Apps

It’s no secret the world is full of sensitive people. That is why you have to be extremely careful about what you say to them while chatting on dating apps. Discussing their appearance in your first message is probably not a good idea unless, of course, you make a nice compliment. If that is your purpose, just try to sound honest and not like a cliché. Most people using iPhone dating apps prefer to talk about common hobbies and interests in their first online chat. Members might have diverse interests like traveling, fashion, music, so you are likely to meet success if you mention any of these topics. There is one important detail – whatever you decide to say, don’t send hundreds of messages right in the beginning. You will seem so annoying that other users won’t respond at all. On some dating apps for iPhone, you can’t start a chat with a person unless you have matched first. Others allow you to block certain members and get rid of the insolent ones easily.

Use the Chat Features

Many iPhone dating apps give you access to great functionalities. You can share pictures, videos, and funny emoticons in private chat. If you want even more special features, you can upgrade to a paid membership and use all privileges. Usually, you can pay for a period of 1, 3, or 6 months.

Take the Lead

Do you always wait for the other person to make the first move when using dating apps? It’s time to stop doing it and become more confident. When you use modern dating apps for iPhone, you will be talking in a separate chat room when no one else will bother you.

First Dates with iPhone Dating Apps Users

There are no strict rules about what to do on the first dates with people you met on iPhone dating apps. But still, you could use the following tips. One of the essential things is to comply with the other person’s preferences. Remember what you talked about in the online chat, like what places they prefer and organize something similar. Think about where you will both feel comfortable and be able to talk calmly. When it comes to appearance, sometimes people trying to look great end up looking funny. Of course, you should wear stylish and clean clothes, but try not to look like you are dressed up for the circus. And finally, show your good manners and upbringing. There is nothing more appealing than a cultured and intelligent man. Try to behave in the same way as on the dating app and meet the other person’s expectations.

Treat First Dates as Practice

One of the main mistakes people make is to obsess over first dates too much. Our advice is to take it easy and not get too excited. You should not turn the first date into such an important event because that way, you only build up tension. People who use dating apps and accept first dates as a common practice are surely happier and calmer. Avoid nervousness, and someday, things will work out for you too. The point is to be happy no matter how many dates you went to and how many relationships you had.

Dating Apps for iPhone – Conclusion

People might be very open-minded today, but rejection is still present. Anyone with a different sexual orientation or any other complexes finds it hard to get a date. If you are in the same situation and earning for a new partner, you should start using online dating apps. They will offer you amazing features, which can be beneficial for your search. With iPhone dating apps, you can connect with local people within seconds and use private chat rooms. Even if you want to remain anonymous, you can still communicate with users privately and not share anything on your public profile. If you haven’t tried anything like this before, we advise you to hurry up, download the most reliable iPhone app and start watching!

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