Ten unique and fun date ideas to try

Restaurant Tour

What better way to step up your date nights than by going on food tours? This involves visiting different restaurants in the night for different meals. For example, you can have your appetizer at a restaurant near you, then your date picks the next restaurant for the first-course meal, then another and then another, till you have dessert and go home. This is a nice way of bonding with your date. Dating should be fun, and this is fun.

Unusual date ideas


This is a cool way of watching movies. We realize that dating in the post-COVID era would include a lot of drive-in theatres. You can as well start now. However, you have to consult with your date to select a mutually enjoyable movie. Drive-in dates can be perfect for first-time dates. You'll have time to bond in the car and to enjoy the movie.

Cooking Night

Cooking nights can be in the form of taking a new cooking lesson together or choosing to prepare an old recipe together. You have to set the mood right. Wear some nice clothes, prepare your ingredients before it's time, set the table in advance, and get some cool wine. While the food is cooking, you have time to talk, bond, and even dance to a romantic playlist. Cooking can be relaxing, especially when you're doing it with someone you are dating.


This sounds corny, right? Well, it's a romantic dating activity.

However, it requires perfect timing. The stars cannot be seen at all nights, so you have to make research on nights when the moon would be small, and the stars would be apparent in the sky. Don't forget to take along blankets for the chills and also check the weather forecast to prevent being stuck in an unfavorable situation. You and your date can attempt to recognize constellations in the sky.

Game Nights

Thanks to technology, games are no longer limited. In addition to board games, we now have online and digital games. You have to pick a game you're both good at, or one you're both bad at - to make the competition be on an even ground. Board games like deck cards, monopoly, scrabble can be played. Digital games like PS4 games can also be played. The aim is to have a lot of fun while dating.

Visit a Museum

This is also perfect for a first date. If you or your date are the bookish or curious type, visiting a museum would be an interactive activity. You can also read up on the museum's contents ahead and then ask your date questions or chip in some extra information omitted by the guide. If you're dating an intelligent person who is also well-versed in the museum's contents, you would want to prepare to answer some questions that might be thrown at you.

Wine Tasting

If it's a first-time date, you have to be certain your date drinks before organizing the date. Wine tasting can be incredibly fun. The wine loosens the nervousness of either meeting for the first time or going on a date for the first time in a long time. You can choose to go to a wine bar or a winery itself. This activity is really out of the normal dating routine.

Learn A New Activity Together

Dating involves growing together. Learning a new activity together can be a nice way to grow. Lessons on dancing, singing, painting, and even crocheting can be started. It can be a one-day activity or a continuous one. For example, basic introductory lessons could be taken in a single night. If the interest remains, further classes would be taken. Musical instruments can also be learned.

Attend A Concert

This can be hard to pull off right now, seeing that the government has not permitted large gatherings yet. However, little concerts in bars, karaoke clubs, and other locations can be attended. You should, however, be cautious enough to attend one that sticks to the COVID-19 regulations.

Go for A Sport Activity

Well, this depends largely on your budget. You could choose to see pro sports events like soccer, basketball, football. Or you could go for a game of your own. This includes hiking, skating, bowling, playing hoops, and so many more.